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    KungPow Heroes


    KungPow Heroes

    VFX Dudes played a role in making “Kungpow Heroes,” a fantastic animated series produced by Joan Wang. This 3D animated series is a story of 14-year old Li, who is a new kid in a new city, who meets a Chi master and develops Tiger superpowers. Li and his new superhero crew must stop the evil Snake Su from taking over the world.


    VFX Dudes, with their expertise in 3D look development, animation production, creating style frames, rendering the episodes, polishing the final look, played a big part in making the series look exceptionally good. Thanks to their skills, “Kungpow Heroes” stands out with its great visual narrative.


    Being the first of its kind produced under Joan Wang’s creative vision, “Kungpow Heroes” not only shows the great story and creativity in animation but also sets a new standard for how good a series can look after production. Check out the latest trailer on UKW media youtube channel below.

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