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    OLY'S Biscuit


    Olys Biscuit - An Animated Video Commercial

    Our talented VFX artists contributed their expertise to the famous Pakistani film “The Legend of Maula Jutt,” directed by Bilal Lashari. This record breaking film not only captivated the audience but also brought the director’s vision to life. It was truly an immense accomplishment for the artists. Our VFX artists is dedicated to transform your vision into cinematic reality. Their extensive involvement encompassed a wide array of tasks, including compositing, green screen work, post-production, and the creation of intricate visual effects shots in the legend of Maula Jutt. These combined various elements to create a seamless and visually appealing shot through their diligent efforts and technical prowess, they played a pivotal role in enhancing the visual appeal and storytelling of the movie. 

    This project builds on their past experience in the world of cinema, where they demonstrated their proficiency in compositing for the film, “Waar”, also directed by Bilal Lashari. Their track record of successful collaborations on complex and demanding projects further establishes their reputation as a valuable resource in the realm of film and visual effects.